Helping girls gear up for success in STEM!

At Caroline’s Project: Young Women to Leaders, we are helping young women to access exceptional opportunities in STEM education. Through our scholarship program, girls in grades 8 - 11 can apply for funding to attend top STEM summer enrichment programs where they can explore their interests and discover exciting career possibilities.

Caroline's Project
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Caroline's Project

Caroline’s Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping to prepare high potential young women for success at the highest level in STEM fields and in the leadership roles that await them.

Early education and encouragement are key to this success, so Caroline’s Project provides scholarships for young women in grades 8 – 12 to attend some of the region’s best summer STEM enrichment programs. In these programs, they have the chance to explore their interests, discover exciting career possibilities, and network with like-minded students who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

Experiential leadership opportunities are also being developed as part of the organization’s offerings.



The gender gap in STEM fields threatens the progress and innovative spirit of our society. Caroline’s Project is working to close that gap by opening doors of opportunity for young women to explore, experience, and excel!

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Our scholarship program ignites potential by helping young women access exceptional STEM summer enrichment programs where they can tap into their interests and discover their capabilities.

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We are on a mission to prepare young women for success at the highest level in STEM fields and in the leadership roles that await them. Thanks to the generosity of our contributors, our mission is underway!

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“Research shows that although girls show interest in STEM studies when they’re in grade school, they start to lose interest by middle school. If we’re going to gear girls up for the fast-growing STEM field in which they are underrepresented, we need to give them the chance to explore the interesting side of STEM studies in middle school and high school. I saw this need as an opportunity to help and to apply my own business and leadership skills, so my dad and I worked together to launch Caroline’s Project.”

~ Caroline Houghton 
Jr. at Shady Side Academy and founding partner of Caroline’s Project