Opinions matter. Your opinion matters most.

At Burns White, the feedback we receive from our clients about the services we provide is the key to developing a true partnership between our clients and our team. When you become a client of the firm, your opinion guides us to better understand your needs and maximize the value we provide you.

That’s why we created our Client Feedback Program. Designed to give you our full attention, this program touches on important issues, like how you have benefited from working with us and ways in which we can improve so that Burns White can better serve you in the future.


“Our clients’ interests and imagination truly inspire a sense of teamwork that is both motivating and highly successful in solving problems.”

~ David B. White, Esquire, Executive Committee Member



The firm’s Director of Client Relations arranges face-to-face meetings between a member of Burns White’s Executive Committee and our clients, at our clients’ location and convenience. These conversations are confidential, giving our clients the opportunity to express their needs and opinions candidly.

Topics discussed include:

  • What are we doing well?
  • Where can we improve?
  • What do you value in an attorney-client relationship?
  • How can we make you more successful?

Follow up

Our commitment to providing outstanding client service is an ongoing process. We structure a comprehensive plan to incorporate your needs into our best business practices. Following the client feedback meetings, we periodically check in with our clients, either in person or by phone, to ensure that we are on target with meeting those expectations.

We know that opinions matter, and those of our clients are of the utmost importance to us. We value our relationships with our clients and invite all those we represent to participate in this invaluable program.

For more information about the Client Feedback Program, or, if you are a client, to schedule a client feedback meeting, please contact:

Colleen A. TremlColleen A. Treml, Esquire
Director of Client Relations