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Burns White Attorneys Alternate Dispute ResolutionA fair and impartial alternative to dispute resolution

While inevitable at times, litigation can be costly and is oftentimes the least desirable form of action. When a fair, impartial, and cost-effective alternative resolution of a dispute is needed, parties facing litigation turn to attorneys in the Alternative Dispute Resolution practice at Burns White.

Drawing from extensive experience conducting broad-based litigation throughout the United States, our court-qualified mediators, early neutral evaluators, and arbitrators have resolved disputes before state, federal, and appellate courts in a wide range of industries and practice areas, including business transactions, employment law, health care and long-term care, personal injury, products liability, professional liability, toxic tort, transportation law, and workers’ compensation.

Whether you are considering an interactive, time-efficient alternative, such as mediation or the assessment of possible best and worst case outcomes as offered in early neutral evaluation, you can count on the unbiased and confidential handling of your dispute to help both parties reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

In other instances, a flexible, less formal hearing facilitated by an arbitrator or arbitration panel may be a quicker and less expensive alternative to litigation. Our team of arbitrators consists of seasoned generalists and those with industry-specific knowledge — both effective communicators and objective thinkers adept at making fair judgments.

For more information about our firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution services, contact:

David B. WhiteDavid B. White, Esquire

For more information about Dave’s ADR practice, visit www.burnswhite.com/ADR_davewhite.